If your Food Stamps, Social Security, Disability, or other benefits aren’t enough, please come to our Family Town Hall Forum at Beulah Baptist Church (1006 W. Cypress St. in Tampa).  It starts Thursday night at about 7:30 pm.

Our Forum is right after the NAACP Membership Meeting.  We’re showing the community that what you’re dealing with can happen to just about anyone if not for the Grace of God.  That’s why we need to hear from you.  If you’re not in that situation but know others who are…please encourage them to join us.

If your church or agency is running short of funds to keep people strong, your story also deserves to be heard.

Good things happen after enough caring people know what’s really going on.  Your words can make that possible even though there’s no magic wand.

Suffering in silence doesn’t do anybody any good.

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