It’s Time to Celebrate What’s REAL!

We’re sick and tired of all the attention that goes to people behaving badly, and bet you are too. Here’s a chance to be loud and proud in recognizing the kindness that’s all around us.

Kindness of the Heart is a non-stop celebration of the good that connects our community. The more examples we can show, the more we’ll prove that it’s still the strongest thing around.

How Can I Join The Fun?

Just send a 1-minute smartphone video about why someone deserves to be the:

Parent, Spouse, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, or Volunteer of the Year

 Or a smartphone video that illustrates:

Random Acts of Kindness, Praise & Gratitude, or Kindness to & from Animals

Send your video to

  • Include your name, and the category that fits your video
  • Your video could win prizes that are being awarded throughout the year
  • All videos will be on YouTube Click here to see what’s already come in
  • Your video could even win the Family Flame Award on November 16 during the 3rd Annual National FAM Awards Click here to learn more

Thanks for telling your friends…there’s plenty of kindness to go around.

At the end of the day, we're ALL Family

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