Freedom is the right to live as we wish

In the midst of celebrating America’s 241st birthday, we need to be careful of what we wish for.  Is freedom defined as the right to limit the freedom of others (especially those from places we don’t like)?  There are some who think it should be.  Are we free to grab...

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Taking care of our own is a NECESSITY, not a cliche

For The Family lives by that headline. That's why we urge vulnerable people (and the agencies that serve them) to speak up and be heard in the Family Town Hall Series.  If you're having trouble making ends meet, come join our Family Forum at 2:30 on July 12 at the...

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Kindness comes from the heart

What comes from the heart, goes to the heart. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) Being kind comes naturally to most of us, but repeated practice makes it instinctive.  Unfortunately, repeatedly rejecting this natural instinct turns hearts sour and blocks people from their...

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Love’s Day Means Love for All

"Waiting for someone to say Hello in there, Hello." (John Prine). Valentine's Day is when lovers traditionally say how they feel. However, the holiday can be an ordeal when people lose their love or feel unloved. If you're in that situation, I can only hope that it...

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Kindness overwhelms the storm

"Sometimes, simply recognizing the storm allows it to pass." Quote courtesy of the Amala Foundation In these chaotic times, it's easy to think that the storm is just business as usual. We get so used to being off balance that we forget what it's like to be in tune. We...

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Prepare to do good!

"Prepare your mind to receive the best life has to offer." Ernest Holmes (from And then prepare to pay it forward.  That's how your blessings will have a positive impact on others. After all, far too many people never see the best life has to offer...

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